My name is Julia Ahlert, and I would like to take you on a journey where I will share my experiences with the "Venen Engel 14 Day Program" and the many aspects of self-care. As a physiotherapist, I am very aware of the importance of health and ergonomics, especially in a profession where standing for long periods of time during treatments is a common requirement, and the challenges of everyday working life, combined with the responsibilities of my role as a mother of two, have led me to look for ways to improve my own health and well-being. Although I exercise regularly, I still felt the need for an additional measure to relieve my legs and reduce swelling.

Discover the Venen Engel 14-day program

This is how I stumbled across the "Venen Engel 14 Day Program". This program not only offers a lymphatic device for use at home, but also a comprehensive approach to self-care. Due to my professional experience, I was already familiar with lymphatic drainage, which helps to promote lymphatic flow in the body, reduce swelling and detoxify the body. Lymphatic drainage can also provide pain relief, improve the appearance of the skin and provide relaxation.

However, the main motivation for using the Venen Engel was the look of relaxation. I longed for moments of calm and serenity in my hectic life. The 14-day program offered special exercises, recipes, wellness tips and, of course, detailed instructions on how to use the Venen Engel device. Assembling the device was straightforward, and I was excited to start the program.

Application and integration into everyday life

The beginning was exciting when I felt the massaging effect of the Venen Engel on my legs for the first time. Lymphatic drainage was already part of my daily routine at work, but the experience at home was still impressive. In the first week, I already noticed how the Venen Engel helped to remove excess fluid from my legs. They no longer felt as heavy as before


After 14 days, I had established a fixed routine. Every evening I used the Venen Engel to massage and relax my legs. At the same time, I consciously paid attention to my diet to support the results. The exercises, recipes and scrubs included in the program complemented my self-care routine and helped to take the pressure off my legs and improve my overall health.

Although my work didn't always allow me to use the Venen Engel at lunchtime or in the early afternoon, I realized the importance of making time for myself, especially after a strenuous workout session. The flexibility of the Venen Engel allowed me to choose the best times for my needs. The program also includes different programs from which I could choose my favorites to respond to my needs more quickly.

Results after 14 days

The results after 14 days were amazing. Not only did I feel noticeable relief in my legs, but I could also see a reduction in circumference.

Overall, this program highlighted the importance of self-care in my life. The simple recipes and exercises were easy to implement and accessible to everyone. Still, the focus was clearly on the Venen Engel device, which helped me enjoy my relaxation time. While using it, I could read a book, answer emails or simply listen to a soothing audiobook to help me relax.

The "Venen Engel 14 Day Program" has proven to be an invaluable part of my self-care. I can wholeheartedly recommend it, especially if you are looking for ways to get rid of puffiness, reduce bulk and feel more relaxed. Self-care should always come first in our hectic world, and this program has helped me put that principle into action.