A vibrant and active lifestyle is influenced by many factors, but nothing can be as limiting as impaired peripheral circulation in the lower extremities. Who hasn't experienced the feeling of heavy legs, cold feet and the need for an effective solution to improve circulation?

A constant feeling of heaviness and tiredness in the legs can have a significant impact on everyday life. Many people are confronted with restricted peripheral circulation in the lower extremities. Finding solutions to support circulation in the legs, feet and ankles is more than just a personal challenge - it's about minimizing potential complications and improving quality of life.

For an active life without compromise: The Venen Engel EMS Vein Rocker can help you stimulate blood circulation in your legs, feet and ankles. Thanks to the integrated rechargeable battery, the device can be used at home or at work and adapts to your individual everyday life.

Venen Engel EMS Vein Rocker

Venen Engel EMS Vein Rocker

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Muscle-stimulating leg therapy for at home

  • Relieves pain
  • Reduces swelling
  • Independent and without appointments
More about the EMS Vein Rocker

Promote blood circulation in the legs with electrical muscle stimulation

The EMS Vein Rocker can activate the body's own muscle pump through a combination of electrical muscle stimulation and rhythmic movement. This process supports blood flow and oxygen supply and helps to transport blood upwards from the legs to reduce swelling and fluid retention. The continuous movement of the heel reinforces the circulation-enhancing effect of the EMS impulses for more ease and freedom from pain in everyday life.

  • The Venen Engel EMS Vein Rocker offers effective and portable EMS training at home.
  • The device stimulates the muscles in the legs using electrical impulses that are emitted via integrated foot electrodes.
  • These impulses imitate natural electrical signals from the nervous system and lead to alternating contraction and relaxation of the leg muscles.
  • The rocking function on the underside of the EMS Vein Rocker ensures a comfortable and fluid movement of the feet during use while seated.

Portable and rechargeable, the integrated rechargeable battery and the included charging cable make it easy to use anywhere. The device adapts flexibly to individual everyday life and can help to relieve aching, heavy legs and improve mobility in everyday life.

Innovative technology for your legs: The EMS Vein Rocker - your personal circulation booster for at home.

More about the EMS Vein Rocker