Venen Engel 12 Premium Massager

Individualized massage for your needs

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Trouser or leg cuffs?

With the leg cuffs, the massage goes from the feet to the thighs. The trouser cuffs additionally massage the buttocks and the lower abdominal area.

We recommend the trouser cuffs

They help reduce cellulite on the buttocks, and improve the appearance of the skin.

NEW: The Lymph Flow Pants

More massage passes in the same amount of time: The Lymph-Flow Pants are our further development of the Pants Mesh. The optimized fit now makes the massage even more efficient.

Arm and abdominal cuff as accessories

Arm and abdominal cuffs are available as accessory products and can be used as a supplement to massage other areas of the body.

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Important:Venen Engel 12 with Lymph Flow Pants is available for pre-order and expected to ship on 11/16/2023. Alternatively, the leg cuffs are available for immediate delivery.

Venen Engel 12 Premium with the new Lymph Flow Pants! Learn more!

  • 3 IN 1 PANTS- Perfect fit despite individual leg anatomy due to 3 separate zippers each. Can be combined with Venen Engel 12 Premium.
  • SOOTHING MASSAGE & CONTROL BY REMOTE CONTROL - With 12 overlapping air chambers and 8 programs, the massage experience is even more pleasant and effective
  • MORE MASSAGE PASSES IN THE SAME AMOUNT OF TIME - Ergonomic adjustment via mechanical customization option, overlapping chambers and basic cut adjustment
  • REDUCES LEG CIRCUMFERENCE & CELLULITE - Visible reduction of leg circumference and smoothed skin appearance directly after the massage
  • DEACTIVATABLE CHAMBERS - With the exclusive premium feature, sensitive parts of the leg can be excluded from the massage
  • INDIVIDUAL PRESSURE PER CHAMBER - Allows an even more individual and targeted massage

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ABSOLUTE CONTRAINDICATIONS: Acute inflammatory skin diseases, arrhythmia, erysipelas, deep thrombophlebitis, pulmonary oedema, acute venous thrombosis, unstable hypertension, use of a pacemaker, arterial insufficiency ABSOLUTE



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  • Overlapping air chambers

    Our highest number of chambers

  • Soothing massage programs

    For maximum performance

  • Designed in Germany

    Our quality promise

  • Noticeable changes

    After the first applications

fight heavy and tired legs

Your new easy living attitude

With innovative technologies and the focus on a light lifestyle our Venen Engels make sure you feel fit and vital again.


Perfect fit through three zippers

We celebrate your uniqueness: Through three integrated zippers on the upper and lower leg, you can optimally adjust your Lymph-Flow Pants to your leg circumference. This maximizes the effectiveness of your compression massage.

The cut has also been adjusted: By 10 cm of additional circumference, extension cuffs can be reduced or even omitted in the future.


Faster results with the Lymph-Flow Pants

Faster light legs: The new Lymph-Flow Pants offer a unique combination of ergonomic adjustment and mechanical individualization. As a result, the Lymph-Flow Pants create even more massage passes in less time compared to other cuffs.

Your improved time management - and your faster well-being!


Optimized quality and feel

The Lymph Flow Pants feel even more comfortable on your skin than their predecessors. At the same time, goodbye to pressure points! Due to the overlapping compression chambers, the seams between the chambers fall away and no longer bother you.


Twelve overlapping air chambers

A high number of chambers makes the compression massage more effective and faster. With twelve compression chambers, the Venen Engel 12 Premium has our highest number of chambers to date and can massage your legs over a large area and in a targeted manner. The overlapping air chambers avoid empty spaces and additionally increase the thoroughness of the massage.

Customize your massage

Individual pressure per chamber

You want an individual pressure on your legs to massage them even more targeted and relax? With the Venen Engel 12 Premium, the compression in each of the twelve chambers on the individual leg sections can be individually adjusted. This allows you to tailor the massage perfectly to your needs and get the relaxation you deserve.


New Features: Hold & Interval Timer

As individual as you: The HOLD timer. Enhance the massage effect by holding the pressure in the individual air chambers for a self-defined period of 0-5 seconds. Feel exactly what is good for you and your legs.

With the Venen Engel 12 Premium, we put the application completely in your hands. With the integrated INTERVALL timer you can decide how long the break between each massage interval should last. So you can set a pause of 0-50 seconds between massage passes - exclusive to the Venen Engel 12 Premium!


8 extensive massage programs

With eight different massage programs, you can make your massage as targeted and individual as possible. The Venen Engel 12 Premium offers the largest selection for all needs: From gentle warm-up to intensive blood circulation stimulation. In addition, pressure & time of the application can be optimally adjusted to your personal preferences.

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