Venen Engel 4 Premium Massager

High comfort with premium model

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Are you unsure what the difference is?

Lymph-Flow Pants or leg cuffs?

With the leg cuffs, the massage extends from the feet to the thighs. The Lymph-Flow Pants also massage the buttocks and lower abdominal area.

We recommend the Lymph-Flow Pants

The Lymph-Flow Pants are a further development of the trouser cuff with an optimised fit. Thanks to sewn-in multi-zip fasteners, the Lymph-Flow Pants offer integrated circumference expansion and individual size adjustment. This ensures optimised chamber volume and faster massage cycles.

Leg cuffs

Leg cuffs provide a soothing compression massage from the feet to the thighs.

Arm and abdominal cuff as accessories

Arm and abdominal cuffs are available as accessory products and can be used as a supplement to massage other areas of the body.

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  • 2 years warranty

  • 30 days money back guarantee

  • LIGHT AND VITAL LEGS - The Venen Engel 4 Premium provides effective relief for tired and aching legs in just 30 minutes of daily use.
  • INDIVIDUAL MASSAGE EXPERIENCE - 4 air chambers, 3 programmes and selectable time and pressure adjustment for every need
    EQUAL PRESSURE DISTRIBUTION - The 4 overlapping air chambers of the Lymph-Flow Pants prevent pressure drops and ensure a comfortable fit
  • FASTER MASSAGE CYCLES - Ergonomic adjustment and an improved fit of the cuff ensure optimised chamber volume and enable faster massage cycles in less time.
  • STIMULATES BLOOD FLOW - The waist-high fit of the trouser cuff promotes blood flow to the tissue and activates cell metabolism from the feet to the centre of the body.
  • REDUCES BAG & CELLULITE - The compression effect stimulates the connective tissue and reduces unsightly dimples and cellulite on the legs and buttocks. The contouring effect helps to temporarily reduce leg circumference.
  • SOOTHING MASSAGE - With 4 overlapping air chambers and 3 programmes, the massage experience is even more pleasant and effective
  • EQUAL PRESSURE DISTRIBUTION - Overlapping air chambers prevent pressure drops between the air chambers
  • REDUCES BUM & CELLULITE - Tired of hiding your problem areas? Then don't! Visible reduction in leg circumference and smoother skin immediately after the massage
  • DISABLE CAMBS - With the exclusive premium feature, sensitive leg areas can be excluded from the massage
  • INDIVIDUAL PRESSURE PER CHAMBER - The air pressure can be set individually in each compression chamber and enables an even more personalised and targeted massage
  • COMFORTABLE CONTROL - Our premium models have a remote control

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ABSOLUTE CONTRAINDICATIONS: Acute inflammatory skin diseases, arrhythmia, erysipelas, deep thrombophlebitis, pulmonary oedema, acute venous thrombosis, unstable hypertension, use of a pacemaker, arterial insufficiency

  • Overlapping air chambers

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  • Massage programs

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  • Designed in Germany

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fight heavy and tired legs

Your new easy living attitude

With innovative technologies and the focus on a light lifestyle our Venen Engels make sure you feel fit and vital again.

Compression massage

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Be worth it: one-time effort, long-term well-being

Effective and inexpensive complement to massage with a therapist

You can enjoy a compression massage with Venen Engel whenever and wherever you want - for little money. Journeys, waiting times and loss of time are omitted. You do not want to pay everything at once? Our convenient installment payment with Klarna offers you the greatest flexibility.

✔️ No waiting time or prescription necessary
✔️ Without annoying appointment

Simple set up

Benefit from the foolproof application

The Venen Engel is designed to allow a self-explanatory structure and the use works as if by itself. By the stable zipper we guarantee a simple handling and also technical hurdles are excluded by the intuitive menu navigation.

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