Billing with the health insurance

You are interested in a vein angel to get rid of heavy and aching legs and ideally still want to be financially subsidized?
Many health insurance see the potential and help in the vein angel and can subsidize a device.

In this article you will learn how the health insurance billing process works.

Important: Only our Medical devices Vein Angel 6 Premium and Vein Angel 8 Premium are medically certified and can be subsidized.

Important for you as information:
We do not bill directly with health insurance companies, but provide you as an insurance policyholder the required estimate. You must then clarify the cost coverage with your insurance. We give you a roadmap on how you can increase your chances of getting the vein angel subsidized by the health insurance.

in 3 simple steps

Health insurance billing procedure

  1. Both statutory and private health insurance companies have so-called model conditions that specify the prescription of aids. Contact your health insurance to apply for cost coverage.

  2. ask your responsible contact for the applicable requirements of your health insurance company for the prescription of assistive devices.

  3. If your health insurance allows coverage, contact us and we will provide you with a quote for a Vein Angel 6 Premium or Vein Angel 8 Premium.

The following devices can be financially subsidized

Medical Venen Engel

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    6 massage programs for every situation

    Includes all Premium and Basic features

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Venen Engel 6 Premium Massagegerät - Venen Engel Shop

    6 overlapping air chambers for efficient massage action

    6 massage programs for every situation

    Includes all Premium and Basic features

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Questions & Answers about billing

These complaints and clinical pictures can be recognized by the health insurance

  • Lipedema
  • (primary and secondary) lymphedema
  • Vein weakness
  • Vein insufficiency

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