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Andrea Easter

"I am a physiotherapist from Frankfurt am Main and suffer from lipedema, stage II.

I have had my Venen Engel for a few weeks now and never think about my legs. It was really, really hard at first. I was dragging myself up the stairs, my legs were hurting. Now I go hiking and I can also run up stairs again without ripping the railing out of the wall.

So yeah, I don't really think about my legs anymore. That has really helped me."

Venen Engel User

Laura Schäfer

"Due to my cancer, I have to fight through chemotherapy and medication with heavy water retention.

Somit I am always looking for relief in everyday life and have already tested many lymphatic drainage devices.

Now I have come across Venen Engel and am really satisfied.

I have already tested several products in this segment but this is real so far the best I have ever tried! I finally have light legs again in everyday life and have regained a piece of quality of life.

A great recommendation!"


Julia Obst

"Due to my work as a model and performer, I am often on my feet for long periods of time. Especially in summer, I have to deal with heavy and aching legs due to my weak veins. After a long day on my feet, the compression massage with my Venen Engel 6 Premium brings me relief. My legs feel loose and light again after the massage. A real blessing. I also often use the Venen Engel after sport. As I travel a lot, I'm glad that I have the device available at home and can use it at any time. Just as I need it. I can recommend the Venen Engel 6 Premium without reservation."

My path to healing

Katharina Schramm

"I was diagnosed with lipoedema in January 2023 after months of struggling with water retention, haematomas and pain. Despite exercise and dietary changes, the symptoms increased. In March 2023, I decided to have liposuction, a surgical procedure in which excess fatty tissue is suctioned out. For me, the Venen Engel offers an effective way to support lymphatic drainage, promotes the drainage of lymphatic fluid and reduces swelling. Its regular use helped to reduce swelling and pain and gave me a sense of control over my healing. My positive experience with the Venen Engel is intended to encourage others to use innovative solutions.


Venen Engel 14-day program

Julia Ahlert

"As a physiotherapist and mother of two, I was looking for ways to improve my health. The Venen Engel not only offered relief for my legs, but also precious moments of relaxation. In just 14 days, I noticed a noticeable relief and reduction in circumference. This program emphasized the importance of self-care, with simple exercises and flexible application. It became an invaluable part of my routine and allowed me to look after myself in a hectic world."


Field report: Testing the Venen Engel 6 Premium

Thea Thomas

I bought the Venen Engel 6 Premium to counteract water retention caused by my lipoedema, especially in summer. It's easy to use: just put your legs in your pants and start. Adjustable intensity is a plus. I used it almost daily for 30 minutes while listening to relaxing music.
After a few weeks, my legs felt lighter, pain and swelling have subsided and I can go for long walks again. My doctor also advises me to continue the treatment.

Overall, I'm really happy with the Venen Engel. It's easy to use, effective, comfortable and a good investment in my health.


Me Time in hectic everyday life: how the Venen Engel enriches my life

Laura Arbeiter

The Venen Engel Premium 12 has enriched my life as a busy mother and entrepreneur. With three children and my own business, there is little time for self-care. But the device allows me to take regular breaks. I use it every day for 30 minutes to relax. The gentle massage relieves leg pain and makes tension disappear. This time is my "me time", where I can relieve stress. The Venen Engel has also improved my skin and boosted my self-confidence. I recommend the device to anyone looking for self-pampering. It is an investment in health and well-being that pays off in the long term.


Professional dancer

Katja Kalugina

"My name is Katja Kalugina, I am a professional dancer and for many years I have been struggling with a problem that I'm sure some of you know well: vein weakness.

At 29, I can speak from experience that heavy and swollen legs are not a problem of people of older age, nor does it have to be obvious.

What has given me relief in everyday life is the Venen Engel 6 Premium.

The pleasant pressure wave massage makes me feel fast recovered and finally light again. I highly recommend it - no matter how old you are."