VENEN ENGEL 6 Premium massager

Certified medical device: financially supported by many health insurance companies

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Trouser or leg cuffs?

With the leg cuffs, the massage goes from the feet to the thighs. The trouser cuffs additionally massage the buttocks and the lower abdominal area.

We recommend the trouser cuffs

They help reduce cellulite on the buttocks, and improve the appearance of the skin.

NEW: The Lymph Flow Pants

More massage passes in the same amount of time: The Lymph-Flow Pants are our further development of the Pants Mesh. The optimized fit now makes the massage even more efficient.

Arm and abdominal cuff as accessories

Arm and abdominal cuffs are available as accessory products and can be used as a supplement to massage other areas of the body.

Pre-order - dispatch expected from 12/07/2024
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  • 2 years warranty

  • 30 days money back guarantee

  • 3-FOLD ADJUSTMENT - Four integrated multi-zips on the upper and lower leg, each with three levels, allow you to adjust the fit of your Lymph-Flow Pants individually.
  • MAXIMUM EFFECTIVENESS - The improved cut and the eight overlapping air chambers ensure that the tissue fluids flow comfortably to the centre of the body without any oppressive congestion.
  • FASTER MASSAGE CYCLES - Thanks to the optimised cut and additional multi-zips, the air is channelled into the chambers of your Lymph-Flow Pants more quickly. This means you are ready to go faster and can enjoy more massage cycles in the same amount of time.
  • EASY TO HANDLE - Thanks to the new tube cover on the Lymph-Flow Pants 6, the tubes are securely encased during the massage and stay where they should.
  • REDUCES BONE & CELLULITE - The compression effect stimulates your connective tissue and smoothes the skin on your legs and buttocks. The contouring effect can help to temporarily reduce your leg circumference.

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The delivery includes:

a control unit, a pair of Lymph-Flow Pants, a remote control, a special tubing set.

All technical information can be found here:

Dimensions of the device (LxWxH): 30cm x 24cm x 10cm, Weight (incl. cuffs): approx. 6.2kg, power & mains voltage: 60W, 220V, 50/60Hz, application pressure: 30 - 240 mmHg (eight levels), application duration: up to 90 min, programmes: six massage programmes, max. thigh circumference: approx. 78cm (can be extended with extension flap (available separately here); further dimensions can be found in the image gallery above)

Important note: The Venen Engel 6 Premium is a certified medical device

INDICATIONS: Prevention of: Deep vein thrombosis (DVT), Chronic venous insufficiency. Treatment of: Lymphoedema, sports recovery, oedema as a result of trauma and sports injuries

ABSOLUTE CONTRAINDICATIONS: Acute inflammatory skin diseases, arrhythmia, erysipelas, deep thrombophlebitis, pulmonary oedema, acute venous thrombosis, unstable hypertension, use of a pacemaker, arterial insufficiency


From 78 cm leg circumference you need:

Yes, I need an Extension

  • Overlapping air chambers

    For the weightless effect

  • Massage programs

    Massage according to your wishes

  • Designed in Germany

    Our quality promise

  • Noticeable changes

    After the first applications


The Venen Engel 6 Premium

The Venen Engel 6 Premium offers an efficient and effective massage. Thanks to the 6 air chambers, the massage effect is particularly beneficial.

Weightless, light legs and effective reduction of leg circumference
✔ Our best device for complaints such as lipoedema, lymphoedema or water retention

For a better fit

Customised fit

Thanks to the improved fit of your Lymph-Flow Pants, you can enjoy an optimised compression effect compared to the trouser cuff and look forward to an even more comfortable fit. Four multi-zips with three integrated zips on the upper and lower leg allow you to easily adjust your Lymph-Flow Pants to your individual leg anatomy. The dimensions shown apply to the smallest, medium and largest levels of the multizipper.

For better lymph flow

Continuous massage effect

Thanks to their waist-high fit, the Lymph-Flow Pants provide a comfortable and continuous compression effect. The overlapping chambers ensure that air can flow unhindered from the feet to the hips, stomach and buttocks, preventing congestion in the tissue.

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For maximum effectiveness

Faster massage cycles

We have optimised the cut of your new Lymph-Flow Pants and integrated additional multi-zippers so that you can adjust them to your body. The improved fit has also enabled us to increase the number of massage cycles so that you can now complete more massage cycles in the same amount of time compared to the trouser cuff.

For optimised handling

Integrated hose cover

Thanks to the integrated tube cover, the tubes of your Lymph-Flow Pants are securely covered and stay where they should during the massage - for comfortable handling without the tubes getting tangled.

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