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Andrea Oster

"Ich bin Physiotherapeutin aus Frankfurt am Main und leide unter Lipödem, Stadium II.

Ich habe meinen Venen Engel jetzt schon seit einigen Wochen und denke kaum mehr über meine Beine nach. Am Anfang war das echt total schwer. Ich hab mich die Treppen hochgezogen, mir haben die Beine wehgetan. Jetzt gehe ich wandern und kann auch wieder Treppen hochlaufen, ohne dass ich das Geländer aus der Wand reiße.

Also ja, ich denke nicht mehr wirklich über meine Beine nach. Das hat mir wirklich geholfen.”

Veins Angel user

Laura Schäfer

"Due to my cancer, I have to fight through chemotherapy and medication with heavy water retention.

Somit I am always looking for relief in everyday life and have already tested many lymphatic drainage devices.

Now I have come across Venen Engel and am really satisfied.

I have already tested several products in this segment but this is real so far the best I have ever tried! I finally have light legs again in everyday life and have regained a piece of quality of life.

A great recommendation!"

Professional dancer

Katja Kaliguna

"My name is Katja Kalugina, I am a professional dancer and for many years I have been struggling with a problem that I'm sure some of you know well: vein weakness.

At 29, I can speak from experience that heavy and swollen legs are not a problem of people of older age, nor does it have to be obvious.

What has given me relief in everyday life is the Vein Angel 6 Premium.

The pleasant pressure wave massage makes me feel fast recovered and finally light again. I highly recommend it - no matter how old you are."


Andrea Easter

"I am a physiotherapist from Frankfurt am Main and suffer from lipedema, stage II.

I have had my Venen Engel for a few weeks now and never think about my legs. It was really, really hard at first. I was dragging myself up the stairs, my legs were hurting. Now I go hiking and I can also run up stairs again without ripping the railing out of the wall.

So yeah, I don't really think about my legs anymore. That has really helped me."