Program A

The air chambers at program A are inflated one after the other and allow a punctual massage from the feet to the thighs (leg cuff) or up to the buttocks (trouser cuff).

Program B

The massage effect in program B is more two-dimensional, as all air chambers are inflated one after the other by the feet and remain during an entire massage session. The leg is thus completely enclosed to "wring out" the tissue like a sponge.

Program C

Program B is an extension to program A. The air chambers are inflated in pairs one after the other and emptied again. The massage effect is thus still punctual, but can cover larger areas on the legs.

Program D

This massage program is reminiscent of program B with a small addition: the two-dimensional massage created by all inflated air chambers is now supplemented by an additional relaxation of the air pressure of all chambers. This creates a pressure towards, pressure away, pressure towards, pressure away massage.

Veins Angel 6 Mobile

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