Venen Engel 4 Premium with leg cuff

High comfort with premium model

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  • 1 year warranty

  • 30 days money back guarantee

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  • Overlapping air chambers

    For the soothing effect

  • Massage programs

    For your well-being

  • Designed in Germany

    Our quality promise

  • Noticeable changes

    After the first applications


What does remanufactured mean?

Our refurbished Venen Engel devices are shipping returns that we have carefully refurbished. We have repaired them, cleaned them, and subjected them to a thorough technical inspection to ensure that they are working properly. Although there may be damage to the packaging, the unit is shipped complete with all accessories. We offer 1 year warranty on refurbished devices.

Favorable than new
Carefree being - we offer 1 year warranty on the refurbished Venen Engel
Environmentally friendly and sustainable - we give the Venen Engel a new life cycle

Sliding massage wave

How it works

Our sliding wave massagers use aspecial technology, in order to exert targeted pressure on the skin. The air chambers of the cuffs are inflated and the body regions areselectively massaged. With more massage programs, you can personalize your massage experience even more. The massage has an effectbeneficial on your legs and makes themweightless and light.

Product reviews

fight heavy and tired legs

Your new easy living attitude

With innovative technologies and the focus on a light lifestyle our Venen Engels make sure you feel fit and vital again.

Be worth it! One-time effort for long-term well-being.

Effective and inexpensive complement to massage with a therapist

The sliding wave massage with Venen Engels you can perceive completely unbound when and where you want - for small money. Journeys, waiting times and loss of time are omitted. You do not want to pay everything at once? Our convenient installment payment with Klarna offers you the greatest flexibility.

✔️ no waiting time or prescription necessary
✔️ no annoying appointment

Simple set up

Benefit from the foolproof application

The Venen Engel is designed to allow a self-explanatory structure and the use works as if by itself. By the stable zipper we guarantee a simple handling and also technical hurdles are excluded by the intuitive menu navigation.

We let our customers speak for us