Program A

The air chambers in program A are inflated one after the other and allow a punctual massage from the feet to the thighs (leg cuff) or to the buttocks (trouser cuff). In this way, the muscular-fascial tissue can be massaged and loosened piece by piece.

Program B

The massage effect in program B is more extensive, as one chamber after the other is pumped up piece by piece, starting from the feet, without the pressure being lost distally. This prevents excess tissue fluids from flowing back. After all chambers are filled with air, all chambers deflate briefly and the sequence begins again. The leg is thus completely enclosed to "wring out" the tissue like a sponge.

Program C

Program C is an extension to program A. The air chambers are inflated and deflated again in pairs, one after the other. The massage effect is thus still selective, but can cover larger areas on the legs. Stubborn tensions can be loosened over a wide area with this program.

Program D

This massage program is very intensive, as all chambers are simultaneously filled with air and rhythmically emptied again. Thus, the muscles can be optimally "wrung out" and relaxed.

Program E

The combination of program B with C in one massage pass: The air chambers begin to inflate at the foot individually and one after the other, so that all excess tissue fluids are passed upwards as if in a wave. In the next run, the chambers again fill with air in pairs, massaging the legs from the foot to the thigh (leg cuff) or over the groin to the abdomen (trouser cuff) in a two-dimensional but punctual manner.

Your tissues feel a good mix of relaxation and massage here, which makes it easier for your lymphatic system to drain fluids.

Program F

The all-rounder program offers a varied massage experience from just about any program. At the beginning, as in program A, each air chamber is filled with air one after the other to provide a spot massage. In the second step, as in C, the air chambers are filled with air in pairs, one after the other. In the last step, program B will fill all air chambers with air simultaneously to "wring out" and massage the entire tissue from bottom to top.


Program sequence

It's finally time for your Venen Engel. To make your massage as relaxed and effective as possible, we have a gift for you: our program sequences, tailored to your mood and your needs. In this booklet, we provide you with various sequences that will not only provide your muscles with different stimuli, but also optimize your massage experience. We are curious to see which program sequences you like best and wish you a wonderful and soothing time with your Venen Engel.

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