Venen Engel EMS Vein Rocker

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  • 2 years warranty

  • 30 days money back guarantee

  • INCREASE BLOOD FLOW and venous circulation
  • REDUCTION OF PAIN and improvement of lymph flow
  • REDUCTION OF SWELLING and fluid retention
  • MEDICALLY CERTIFIED - Supportive treatment of conditions such as venous insufficiency, oedema and varicose veins

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EMS Vein Rocker, power cable and mains plug, EMS, 2 body pads, remote control, 2x AAA batteries

INDICATIONS: Promote blood circulation in feet and legs, improve blood pumping function of veins, relieve discomfort in feet and legs, reduce swelling, reduce cramps, prevent venous thrombosis, promote healing of venous ulcers and foot ulcers in diabetic patients, knee electrodes relieve knee joint pain, body electrodes temporarily relieve pain in neck, back, shoulders, arms, legs and hips

ABSOLUTE CONTRAINDICATIONS: Tendency to bleed, Local acute/purulent inflammation, Local malignant tumors, Local pacemakers (patients with implanted electronic device unless a physician has recommended use for medical reasons), Local metal implants, Skin sensitivity disorders, Deep vein thrombosis, Cerebral hemorrhage (or consequential damage), Purulent inflammation, Acute sepsis or persistent high fever, Acute cardiovascular disease or cerebrovascular disease, Bleeding tendencyMedical advice is required before use in: Pregnant women, patients with sensitive skin, heart disease, abnormal blood pressure, cancer, cerebrovascular disease, acute illness, deep venous thrombosis, patients undergoing medical treatment

2 body pads for the EMS Vein Rocker

Stimulate other areas of the body with

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  • Improvement of

    Blood circulation and vein function

  • Supports reduction

    from pain & swelling in the legs

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  • 30-day money-back guarantee

    Risk-free testing

Lighter and less painful legs with electrical impulses

Muscle-stimulating EMS Vein Rocker

The EMS Vein Rocker is medically certified and has been specially developed to promote the health of your veins and improve blood return in the legs.

  • Improvement of the lymph flow
  • Promotion of venous circulation
  • Relief of pain in the feet & legs
  • Reduction of swelling
  • Reduction of fluid retention in the legs

Improved vein function at the touch of a button

Just 15 - 30 minutes a day can help

Used for 15 minutes twice a day, the EMS Vein Rocker helps to reduce vein problems and boost blood flow in the legs.

The EMS Vein Rocker is the perfect complement to our compression massagers to enjoy sustainably light legs in everyday life.


Improved vein function - less pain

"The EMS Vein Rocker is my personal secret weapon for active and relaxed legs. It is my personal getaway for revitalized legs. A simple press of a button, my feet on the electrodes, and the technology starts to work."

- Daniela B.
Venen Engel customer

Electrical muscle stimulation

EMS therapy for the legs

  • The EMS Vein Rocker is medically certified
  • Promotes the health of your veins
  • Improves blood return in the legs
  • Reduces pain and swelling

Combat vein problems effectively

For a better quality of life

Thanks to the top-quality EMS Vein Rocker, you can finally feel vitality again and enjoy your life more!

We let our customers speak for us


When should the EMS Vein Rocker not be used?

  • Electronically implanted devices, such as a pacemaker
  • Existing deep vein thrombosis
  • Purulent inflammation
  • Acute cardiovascular disease or cerebrovascular disease
  • Pregnancy